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University of Glasgow football and brain injury research

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have created new animations, podcasts and infographics to make complex health research easier to understand.

Research for Everyone is a new project which brings together people with learning disabilities and scientists at the University of Glasgow studying the links between football and dementia and another study looking at the impact of cancer on mental health. Together they have created these new ways to explain the two studies, demonstrating that even the most complex research findings can be made available to everyone.

The 2-minute football animation is narrated by Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen who is an advocate for better support for players affected by brain disease. Our short podcast episode features an interview with Dr John MacLean, Chief Executive of the Hampden Sports Clinic and co-author on the FIELD research study which looks at the links between sport and brain diseases such as dementia. There is also an infographic which explains the study with clear images and information, which is suitable for people of all ages.

Professor Deborah Cairns at the Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory at the University of Glasgow, who conceived this project, said:

“Important health information is often written in a way that is too difficult to understand.  We think that everyone has the right to meaningful health information.  Our project brings a fresh perspective and challenges the typical academic way of communicating research findings. We chose animations, infographics and podcasts to engage as wide an audience as possible. Some people find it easier to look at images, while others prefer to read or listen. We also created a British Sign Language version of the animations.” 

Find out more about Research for Everyone, including the 2-minute animations, podcasts and infographics at the SLDO website. Here you will also find a short online survey or an Easy Read survey to download, so you can share your feedback on these new resources.

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