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Defibrillators to clubs

SJFA member clubs recently benefitted from the provision of defibrillators as a result of a partnership project between the Association and St Andrews First Aid.


Alex McDowall, Chief Operating Officer of SJFA said : 

We are delighted to be working with St Andrews First Aid and a special mention must go to our previous Assistant Secretary, Paul Davies, who helped bring us together.

St Andrews First Aid donated 23 defibrillators which have gone to Junior Clubs all over the country and will benefit their local communities. Who knows who may ultimately benefit from these being in position ?
We hope to work closely with St Andrews First Aid moving forward.


Pictured are : from left, St Andrew's First Aid  Jim Dorman (Director of Operations and Community Engagement) with Alex McDowall (SJFA) and Stuart Callison (Chief Executive) at Hampden Stadium.