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Child Wellbeing & Protection Strategy Review Season 20/21

The responsibility to safeguard and promote the wellbeing and protection of a child or young person does not rest on one person. We are all responsible. The role of the Wellbeing & Protection Department at the Scottish FA is to ensure that Scottish Football is a safe and inclusive environment. They provide advice, guidance, education and support for Scottish FA staff and volunteers, member clubs and Affiliated National Associations to embed safeguarding standards throughout Scottish Football, empower children and young people to be heard in matters that affect them and respond to concerns where a child or young person’s wellbeing or safety has been affected.

To help us ensure that Scottish Football is a safe and inclusive environment where children and young people flourish, in August 2019 the Scottish FA launched a 5 year Wellbeing & Protection strategy for Scottish Football, Getting It Right for Every Child in Scottish Football”. 

The annual review of progress on the strategy for the 2020/2021 season is available by clicking here.