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Scottish Junior Football Association

National Non-League Cup

The board of the Scottish Junior FA hereby announce their plans to create a National

Cup competition for Non-League clubs in the Scottish FA’s pyramid structure from

tier 5 and below. With over 200 clubs across the country it is hoped this ambitious

move will capture the imagination of clubs and supporters throughout the Scottish



Funded by the Scottish Junior FA with a financial backing of £80,000 underlines the

Association’s commitment in creating a prestige national competition for all. Initial

discussions with other leagues and Associations have taken place and we are

encouraged with the positive feedback. Work with all parties will now begin to bring

this to fruition for season 2022-2023.


The 2nd October 2021 marks the 135th Anniversary of the Scottish Junior FA. Founded

in 1886 with 39 clubs, the Association and its clubs have been woven into the fabric

of Scottish football. Now with the establishment of all our clubs within the Scottish FA

pyramid structure we now focus on aiding our game further with this initiative.

To mark our 135th anniversary the Association will be distributing payments of £1,350

to four organisations in each of the North, East & West regions of the country. These

organisations will reflect the clubs and their communities