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From The Dugout - Jamie McCunnie

Hi Jamie, thanks for taking part in the From The Dugout series, can I star by asking how Broughty Athletic are looking after a problematic and long pre-season?

The boys came back in good shape, we've played a lot of friendlies and practice matches to build fitness so hopefully those levels are good, in some of those game we have done really well,  in others no so good and that gave us things to work on.

It’s probably been hard for all players due to the long lay off, then the season getting postponed further. Hopefully now the competetive games are starting it will bring out the best in the boys.

You start off with a tricky game against Downfield, not the easiest of starts.

Downfield is never an easy game like you say, so we will need to play well if we are going to win. The game been changed from their park to ours which is a bonus

How has the pandemic affected your preparations?

Usually you would take in a couple of your opposition games but that’s not been possible due to the restrictions, so we’ve just been concentrating on getting our players as prepared as possible.

Finally how is the squad looking ahead of Saturdays opener?

We've got one or two missing this weekend with injury but Graham Hay and Brad Smith, the boys that were on loan at Cowdenbeath, will come back into the squad.

Thanks Jamie and all the best for Saturday