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Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Matches and Players

“Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Matches and Players” by Douglas Gorman and Tom McGouran is available on the Lulu self-publishing website for £9.50 plus £2.99 post & packaging using this link:

The book lists details of 421 international and friendly matches played by Junior Scotland over 130 years. It also includes 11 matches that were postponed or abandoned to complete the listing. The listing of each match also includes, when it could be found, the attendance and gate receipts.

The authors have been able to identify 2,426 players from those matches and their Junior Scotland record, together with goals scored and if they captained the team, is all included in the individual listing of each player. 

Although the book is principally a listing of players and matches it would not be complete without featuring some reference to the rich history of the Junior game. The book includes two chapters detailing some of the famous players and notable matches included in the listings. It also has three summaries of all the matches played in tabular format and details of the various trophies competed for over the years.

Inevitably some match details have proved elusive. The authors believe that they have identified all matches described as internationals although they are still searching for the names of scorers of 20 goals.  There will be other friendly matches still to be discovered.  95% of the players involved in the matches listed have been identified and of those for all but 106 have a forename or at least a first initial. The authors are also still searching for the names of the scorers of 57 goals in friendly matches. An appendix lists the missing information and the authors would be very pleased to hear from anyone who can help them or indeed if anyone has any conflicting information.