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Roadworks affecting Hampden Park

08.01.18 – 31.05.18 (Approximately) : Roadworks Aikenhead Road area

• The roadway in Aikenhead Road will be completely closed between Curling Crescent (north access) and Prospecthill Road. The pavements will remain accessible.

• Only cars will be able to access the Purple Car Park. (This will be kept under review and it may be possible for larger vehicles to enter this Car Park at some point during the period of the works).

• During this period, vehicles approaching from the north will be allowed to turn directly right into Prospecthill Road.

• This is going to have a major effect on vehicular and pedestrian access to, and egress from, the Stadium.

• There is little doubt that staff and visitors to Hampden Park will be greatly inconvenienced by this necessary work. The ability to turn right, from the north, into Prospecthill Road will assist but it will still be a difficult period.

In order to assist, therefore, I will ensure that the Kinghorn Drive access to the Stadium Car Park will again be open between 0800 and 1800 hours, Monday to Friday, during the period in question.

In addition, I will have the bollards situated on the south west of the Stadium Campus ‘dropped’ during these times in order that staff and visitors may access the main Car Park from the west.