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Goalkeeping Training


Experienced Goalkeeping Coach Stevie Cameron has been so heartened by his time taking  custodians at Blantyre Vics that he is planning an extension to help other junior club No 1s or their back-up reserve.

Stevie was approached to work three goalies at Castle Park by former Shettleston coach Jacky McGillivray - now on their committee – and has done so under former boss Davie Greig and recently appointed Murdie McKinnon.

Said Stevie: "The response from everyone has been great to such an extent that the lads I have organised reckon others should benefit, too.
 "My question is: Are you the goalkeeper you want to be?

 "Does your club's training involve needless running with the outfield players, meaningless passing drills ( for a goalie) unrelated to the position, and the final insult of countless footballs fired in from the 18 yard line/ missing the goals completely in a shooting drill?

 "As a Group Coach with the Shot Stoppers Coaching Academy - they  were founded 22 years ago - I am aiming to set-up a Thursday evening class for Junior Football goalkeepers in Glasgow, and would like to gauge interest out there via the SJFA website if this is possible.
 "It will be a not-for-profit exercise, so bring your gloves, look out the kit and get ready to be the 'keeper you SHOULD be!"

Interested parties can contact Stevie on 07772237185.