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Junior Football Yearbook & History Books

The SCOTTISH NON LEAGUE REVIEW was first published in 1988 when I wanted to find out more about the final league positions across the junior regions. At that time there was no other publication available (and it was long before the internet) and the first REVIEW, in A4 size and with a print run of around 100 and 28 pages produced on an old duplicating machine sold out quickly. Over the years, it quickly changed to A5 size and has increased to around 60 pages with a colour cover.

Included each year are the final league tables and all the league and cup results from all of the Junior regions as well as the Scottish Junior Cup. The details from the Highland League, Lowland League, East of Scotland and South of Scotland Leagues are also included in full. 

The latest issue (the 28th edition) covers 2014/15, the season just ended.   Copies are normally available for just three pounds (and eighty pence for postage) but if you reply quoting the reference SJF15, before the end of October 2015, then you can get your copy for just £3.30, including postage.  If you wish to buy more than one copy, then I can offer discounts, both on the cover price and on postage. Please contact me on 0141 562 5721 or by email at for more details on this or if you have any other enquiries about any of my other publications.  I can quote postage costs for any order, and can also give discounts on purchases of any larger orders, and deals on postage.

The REVIEW has been often praised by those who produce club programmes, with the information especially useful for Cup ties against clubs from other areas, and provides a useful archive of details going back to the 1980s.  I can also provide more details about the REVIEW for an article in your club match programme (as the editor of the programme for Renfrew for over 25 years, I know that editors are always happy to receive something that fills another page ! ) or on your club website.

If you purchase a copy of the REVIEW then show it around at your club or to friends, and if there is interest in obtaining further copies of it, any back issues or any of the other books I have available, then please get in touch. Good discounts are available for orders of three or more copies of this years edition, or for larger combined orders of any of my publications.

The REVIEW and the other publications are all produced in my spare time as a hobby, with many of the other publications being very limited in print runs.
If you want more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Phone  0141 562 5721
Post  Stewart Davidson, 12 Windsor Road, Renfrew, PA4 0SS
Payment for any publications or programmes should be by cheque or postal order, payable to J Davidson.    I can also accept payment by Paypal – please email me for more details and a note of my Paypal payment address.

A summary of all my publications since 1988, along with their prices, are below :
Title Availability Price
Scottish Non League Review 1987/88  Reprinted £1.50
Scottish Non League Review 1988/89  Reprinted £1.60
Scottish Non League Review 1989/90  Reprinted £1.70
Scottish Non League Review 1990/91  Reprinted £1.80
Scottish Non League Review 1991/92  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1992/93  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1993/94  Available £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1994/95  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1995/96  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1996/97  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1997/98  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1998/99  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 1999/2000  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 2000/01  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 2001/02  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 2002/03  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 2003/04  Reprinted £2.25
Scottish Non League Review 2004/05  Available £2.00
Scottish Non League Review 2005/06  Reprinted  £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2006/07  Reprinted  £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2007/08  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2008/09  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2009/10  Reprinted  £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2010/11  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2011/12  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2012/13  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review 2013/14  Available £3.00
Scottish Non League Review March 1989  Sold Out 
Scottish Non League Review October 1989  Sold Out 
Scottish Non League Review Jan/Feb 1990  Available  £1.00
Scottish Non League Review April 1990  Available  £1.00
Scottish Non League Review January 1991  Sold Out 
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 1  Reprinted £2.00
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 2  Reprinted £2.00
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 3  Reprinted £2.00
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 4  Reprinted £2.00
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 5  Reprinted £2.00
Scottish Non League Football Histories Volume 6  Available £2.00
Past Members of Scottish League Volume 1  Reprinted £2.00
Past Members of Scottish League Volume 2  Reprinted £3.00
Past Members of Scottish League Volume 3  Reprinted £3.00
Past Members of Scottish League Volume 4  Reprinted £3.00
Past Members of Scottish League Volume 5  Reprinted £3.00
Scottish Junior Cup results 1950-59  Available £3.50
Scottish Junior Cup results 1960-68  Available £3.50
Scottish Junior Cup results 1968-89  Available £3.50
Scottish Junior Cup results 1989-2001  Available £3.50
Scottish Junior Cup results 2001-2012  Available £3.50
Miscellany - Lanarkshire Junior FA - the final decade 1958-1968  Available £1.50
Miscellany - Lanarkshire Junior League - the final Five Years 1963-68  Available £1.50
Miscellany - Scottish Junior Football Cup & League competitions - a historical guide  Available £1.50
Miscellany - Scottish Sport 1894  Available £2.50
Miscellany - History of Junior Football in Dumfriesshire  Available £3.00
Victorian Football Miscellany - Issue One  Available £2.20
Scottish Football - A Sourcebook Vol 1  Reprinted £2.20
Update to above #1  Available £0.80
Update to above #2  Available £0.80
Scottish Football - A Sourcebook Vol 2  Available £2.50
Livingston United - History  Available £1.50
Graduating with Honours - a short history of Spartans FC  Sold Out 
Scottish Qualifying Cup 1895-1995  Available £5.00
Update to the above (Published 2006)  Available £2.00
Senior Non league Football in South West Scotland  Available £4.00
Scottish Junior Football - The Early Years  Reprinted £1.50
The Central League 1931-1991  Reprinted £2.50
Scottish Football Review of 1877/78  Available £2.00
History of Cowlairs FC 1876-1896  Reprinted £2.50
Pubhopper: A Guide to pubs near Scottish non league football grounds in Edinburgh and the Lothians   WAS £3 – NOW REDUCED TO ONE POUND Available £1.00
Glasgow v Sheffield: A Tale of Two Footballing Cities 1874-1960  Available £3.00
Renfrew Football Club 1943-44, A Wartime Season Remembered  Available £2.00
Renfrewshire Cup - first 50 Years  Reprinted £2.50
Drink, Religion & Scottish Football 1873-1900  Sold Out 
Scottish Non League Football Club Directory - Set of 3 parts  Sold Out 
School's Out - schools football in East End of Glasgow  Sold Out