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Scottish Junior Cup Finals 1990-1999

1999 Junior Cup Final        
30/05/1999 15:20 Kilwinning Rangers 1-0 Kelty Hearts Firhill Park, Glasgow

Robertson, Gallacher, Mullin, Cameron, Currie, Farrell, Duffy, Sloan, Peline, Montgomery, McTurk.


Lister, Baillie, Arnott, Leighton, McKillop, Beaumont, Spence, Chalmers, Reynolds, Moffat, Heddle. Substitures - Bowman, Logan, Tanner, Harris, Dunlop.

Attendance: 7,525       Referee: C. Mackay


1998 Junior Cup Final        
17/05/1998 15:00 Arthurlie 4–0 Pollok Fir Park, Motherwell
Mclaughlin, Millar, Convery, Nugent    

Cormack (McLean 82) Duncan, McLaughlin (Nugent 74), Allison, Gardner, McGarvey, Millar, Archer, Quigg (Watson 85), Fulton, Convery. Substitutes - Brown , Phillips.

  Lowrie, O'Neil, Cranmer, Spittal (Walker 28), Ashcroft, Elliot, Fontana, McLean, Paisley (Thompson 63), Diver, Morrison. Substitutes - Bonnar, McLaughlan, Smith.
Attendance: 4,751       Referee: C Hardie


1997 Junior Cup Final        
18/05/1997 15:00 Pollok 3-1 Tayport Fir Park, Motherwell
Diver (2), Elliot   Ross

R Lowrie; K Neil, C Cranmer, I Spittal, I Ashcroft, D Elliot, D Fontana, S Bonnar, J Morrison,J Barnett, D Diver. Substitutes: R Anderson, B Ferguson, P McLean, J Paisley, G Smith.


F Mann: G Buist, G Paterson, G Miller, K Nicholson, S Wilkie, A Ramsay, S Stewart, S Hutcheon, D Reilly, S Ross. Substitutes: B Gray, M Spalding, B Coventry, P Reilly, A Kennedy.

Attendance: 3,523       Referee: B McGarry


1996 Junior Cup Final        
12/05/1996 15:00 Tayport 2-0 Camelon Juniors Fir Park, Motherwell
Ross (2)    

Mann, Buist, Paterson. Spalding, Nicholson, Wilkie, Miller, Stewart, Ross. D Reilly, Maher. (Subs - Ramsay, Henry. Gray, P Reilly, Coventry).


Banner, G Smith, Haston, Wilcox, Wood, Bonnar, McKenzie, Ellis, McGonigal, Flynn. Hamill. (Subs - Daisley, D Smith, Ross, Henry, Proudlock).

Attendance: 4,652       Referee: Kevin Toner


1995 Junior Cup Final        
21/05/1995 15:00 Camelon Juniors
2-0 Whitburn Fir Park, Motherwell
Wood (19), McKenzie (70)    

Banner, G Smith, Haston (D Smith 47), Fairley, Wood, Scott, McKenzie, Ellis, McGonigal, Flynn, Kemp.


Burns. Clouston, Grant, Belcher, Prior, Jardine (Crolla 58), Richardson, McAvoy (McPhee 74), Scott, Wilkinson. Taylor.

Attendance: 8,018       Referee: Kevin Toner


1994 Junior Cup Final        
15/05/1994 15:00 Largs Thistle 1-0 Glenafton Athletic Ibrox Park, Glasgow

Barnstaple, A. Elliot, Morrison, D. Elliot, Feeney, Murray, McCurdy, Rodgers, Quigg, Russell, Halley.

Substitutes: Phairs, Wall.


Kelly, Adams, Gray, Rennie, Kennedy, McFarlane, Walker, Archer, Moore, McVie, Miller.

Substitutes: Montgomery, Lowe.

Attendance: 8,668       Referee: J. Underhill


1993 Junior Cup Final        
23/05/1993 15:00 Glenafton Athletic 1-0 Tayport Firhill Stadium, Glasgow

Kelly, Lowe, Gray, Rennie, Kennedy, McFarlane, Walker, Archer, Brown, Montgomery, Miller. Substitutes - McCoy, Halley.


Mann, P Reilly, Paterson, Spalding, Sommerville, Wilkie, Hunter, Coventry, MacKay, D Reilly, Devine. Substitutes - Lamont, Cushnie.

Attendance: 6,250       Referee: John Rowbotham


1992 Junior Cup Final        
10/05/1992 14:15 Auchinleck Talbot 4-0 Glenafton Athletic Firhill Stadium, Glasgow
Mills (3), Frew    

Hoy, Gemmell, Young, Findlay, McCulloch, McDonald, Pirie, Dick, Mills, Paterson, Thomson. (Subs both used - Lyden, Frew).


Kelly, Lowe, Lindsay, Crowe, Kennedy, Boland, Conlon, Doyle, Brown, Montgomery, McFarlane. (Subs both used - Welsh, Milligan).

Attendance: 6,966       Referee: J.C. O'Hare


1991 Junior Cup Final        
19/05/1991 14:30 Auchinleck Talbot 1–0 Newtongrange Star Brockville Park, Falkirk

Wilson, Gemmell, Young, Findlay, McCulloch, MacDonald, Pirrie, Lyden, Mills, Paterson, Thomson. Subs: Frew, Mains.


Carswell, Coughlin, Fraser, Parkin, McColl, Richardson, Ramsay, Aitchison, Dall, O'Hara, Bailey. Subs: Lumsdaine, Ballantyne.

Attendance: 8,500       Referee: J. Kelly


2000 Junior Cup Final        
20/05/1990 14:15 Hill of Beath Hawthorn 1-0 Lesmahagow Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

Westwood, Brebner, Mitchell, Hamill, Kenny, Wright, Ritchie, Wilson, Duncan, Mercer, Deas.


Russell, Hamilton, Robertson, Anderson, Millar, Sinclair, McVake, Irving, Henderson, Wilson, Watters.

Attendance:       Referee: W. Young