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Scottish Junior Cup Finals 1920-1949

1949 Junior Cup Final        
21/05/1949 Auchinleck Talbot 3–2 Petershill Hampden Park, Glasgow
McKie (2), Galloway   Bishop

Burns, Scott, McFadzean, Finnan, Kelvin, Loneskie, McKie, Robertson, Galloway, Fraser, Goldie


Clark, Stewart, Ryan, J. Donaldson, Urquhart, Middlemass, McLaren, A. Donaldson, Bishop, Hughes, Armstrong

Attendance:68,837       Referee:


1948 Junior Cup Final        
22/05/1948 Bo'ness United 2–1 Irvine Meadow Hampden Park, Glasgow
Buckley, Wilson   Fullerton

Graham, Mitchell, Keenan, Walls, Stewart, McKee, Wilson, Pinkerton, Buckley, Sproule, Black

  Miller, Howat, Colvin, Cousar, J. Murray, Niven, Hannah, Fullerton, Noble, Gillan, S. Murray
Attendance:55,602       Referee:


1947 Junior Cup Final        
14/06/1947 Shawfield 2–1 Bo'ness United Hampden Park, Glasgow

Robertson, Haldane, Connel, Whitelaw, Farrell, Dougan, Beattie, Fleck, Jack, Oswald, Clark

  Stanners, Mitchell, Keenan, Paton, Stewart, Brash, Wilson, McGowan, Dickson, Pryde, McLean
Attendance:26,251       Referee:
07/06/1947  Att:56,410 Shawfield 1–1 Bo'ness United Hampden Park, Glasgow
  Fleck   McLean  

Robertson, Haldane, Connel, Whitelaw, Farrell, Dougan, Beattie, Fleck, Jack, Oswald, Clark

  Stanners, Mitchell, Keenan, Paton, Stewart, Brash, Wilson, McGowan, Dickson, Pryde, McLean
1946 Junior Cup Final        
 18/05/1946 Fauldhouse United 2–0 Arthurlie Hampden Park, Glasgow
Hynds (pen), Toner    

Cunningham, Welsh, Hall, McCreary, Hynds, McCreadie, Wallace, Toner, Morton, Sproule, Torley


Robertson, H Ormond, Maxwell, McKnight, Winters, Haggerty, Sloan, Johnstone, Whyte, McGarrity, W Ormond

Attendance:44,236       Referee:

This match was Fauldhouse United's 43rd consecutive match without defeat.

1945 Junior Cup Final        
19/05/1945 Burnbank Athletic  3–1 Cambuslang Rangers Hampden Park, Glasgow
Todd (2), Leitch   Clarkston

Johnstone, McFarlane, Brannan, Hay, Higgins, Coats, Bartleman, Leitch, Todd, Murphy, Cameron

  McIntyre, Manuel, Orr, Wright, Dunnn, Jardine, Lindsay, Kyle, Clarkston, Rooney, Quinn
Attendance:25,000       Referee:
19/05/1945 Burnbank Athletic  1-2 Cambuslang Rangers Hampden Park, Glasgow
  Todd   Morrison, Jardine  


1944 Junior Cup Final        
13/05/1944 Glasgow Perthshire 1–0 Blantyre Victoria Hampden Park, Glasgow

McFarlane, Stewart, Hoy, McGilp, Douglas, Souter, A. Donaldson, L. Donaldson, Timmons, McLean, Graham


Grassie, McInnes, Black, Lumsden, Kerr, Wilson, Aitken, Creighton, Jones, Duffy, McColl

Attendance:32,100       Referee:

Reports suggest that this may have been the first Junior Cup match where players wore shirt numbers.

1943 Junior Cup Final        
16/05/1943 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 3–1 Benburb Hampden Park, Glasgow
Harper (2 pens), Callanan   McCreadie

Bell, Monaghan, Cochrane, McManus, Campbell, Harper, Callanan, Paton, McLuskey, Murphy, Corr


Shaw, Meechan, McFetridge, Campbell, Sweeney, Kerr, McCreadie, Creighton, Milne, Brooks, Calderwood

Attendance:15,697       Referee:
09/05/1943  Att:15,623 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 0-0 Benburb Hampden Park, Glasgow
02/05/1943 Att:15.210 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1–1 Benburb Shawfield Park, Glasgow


1942 Junior Cup Final        
11/04/1942 Clydebank Juniors 4–2 Vale of Clyde Shawfield Park, Glasgow
Johnstone, Speedie, Gregal, -   Dawson, Wilson (pen)

Grassie, Hynds, McLaughlin, A. Young, Pollok, Candlin, Gregal, Johnstone, Rice, Speedie, J. Young


Walker, Richardson, McLure, Green, Wilson, McIntyre, Laurie, Dawson, Hamilton, Geatons, McGowan

Attendance:24,579       Referee:


1941 Junior Cup Final        
26/04/1941 Glasgow Perthshire 3–1 Armadale Thistle Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh
Riley, Rice (pen), Jack   McKinley (pen)

McCandlish, Cowan, Carrick, Rice, Gibson, Mutters, Riley, Davidson, Jack, Paterson, Philips


Johnstone, Dryburgh, Inglis, Deans, McNeil, Peden, Henderson, Dobey, Hadden, McKinlay, Banks

Attendance:15,400       Referee:
16/04/1941  Att:8,000 Glasgow Perthshire 0-0 Armadale Thistle Firhill Park, Glasgow 
12/04/1941  Att:22,100 Glasgow Perthshire 2-2 Armadale Thistle Firhill Park, Glasgow 


1940 Junior Cup Final        
27/04/1940 Maryhill 1–0 Morton Juniors Celtic Park, Glasgow

Grassie, D'Arcy, Lang, Mickelm, Phillips, McMurray, Yuill, Young, Chisholm, Gillan, Watson


Scott, Maley, Highet, Campbell, Leitch, Paterson, Shaw, Wardlaw, Hodge, Black, Orr

Attendance:26,000       Referee:


1939 Junior Cup Final        
20/05/1939 Rutherglen Glencairn 2-1 Shawfield Celtic Park, Glasgow
Campbell, J.F. Clark   Farrell

Gillespie, Whitelaw, McNicol, Geddes, Whiteford, J. Clark, McCallum, McVey, J.F. Clark, Beattie, Campbell


Bell, W. Thompson, Kelly, McDickon, Mullen, Fleming, Hamilton, Farrell, A. Thompson, Ovens, Mann

Attendance:22,363       Referee:


1938 Junior Cup Final        
21/05/1938 Cambuslang Rangers 3-2 Benburb Celtic Park, Glasgow
McGhie, Taylor (2)   Brown, Anderson

Owens, Stewart, Leonard, Robertson, Kenmuir, Arnold, Wylie, McGhie, Taylor, McNab, Tough

  Campbell, Huddleston, Burrell, Smith, Allison, Brown, Creighton, Anderson, Nugent, Dearie
Attendance:28,058       Referee:


1937 Junior Cup Final        
 22/05/1937 Arthurlie 5-1 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Celtic Park, Glasgow
McHarg (2), Anderson (2), Rankine (og)   McManus

Brown, Hamilton, Higgins, Bingham, Galt, Elliot, Paterson, Anderson, McHarg, Aloran, Sim

  Anderson, McNaught, Costello, McManus, Rankine, White, Flavell, McAuley, Burke, Sutherland, Keane
Attendance:28,508       Referee:


1936 Junior Cup Final        
29/04/1936 Benburb 1-0 Yoker Athletic Hampden Park, Glasgow

Johnstone, Kelso, Sutherland, Ross, Swift, Smith, Goudie, Barr, Riddell, Sharp, Dearie


Scott, Milne, Fulton, McLean, Boyd, Colvbin, Ferguson, Howie, Weir, Forbes, Wilson

Attendance:12,500       Referee:
25/04/1936  Att:16,000 Benburb 1-1 Yoker Athletic Hampden Park, Glasgow


1935 Junior Cup Final        
18/05/1935 Tranent Juniors 6-1 Petershill Ibrox Park, Glasgow
Reid, McBean (3), Duncan, Miller   Mason

Brown, Buchanan, A. Arnot, Clark, Roberts, Fleckleton, Duncan, Reid, McBean, McFarlane, Miller

  Brackenridge, Lewis, McCalman, McFadyen, Stevenson, Logan, Mason, Connor, McGown, T. Breslin, W. Breslin
Attendance:22,564       Referee:


1934 Junior Cup Final        
19/05/1934 Benburb 3-1 Bridgeton Waverley Ibrox Park, Glasgow
Clark (2), Wilson   Telford

Campbell, Fraser, Kelso, Cameron, Swift, Smith, Brownlie, Murray, Devers, Wilson, Clark


Lindsay, Borland, Paton, Sneddon, Waddell, Lees, Saunders, Mackie, Telford, Fergus, Mathieson

Attendance:13,000       Referee:


1933 Junior Cup Final        
11/06/1933 Yoker Athletic 4–2 Tranent Juniors Hampden Park, Glasgow
Farr, Keane, H.Boyd (pen), Carson   Grant, Somerville

Blackstock, Miller, Fulton, Clancy, S. Boyd, H. Boyd, Carson, Farr, Finnan, A. Duffy, Keane


Brown, Telfer, Arnot, Drysdale, Roberts, Fitzsimmons, Grant, Clark, McBean, McFarlane, Somerville

Attendance:11,849       Referee:
20/05/1933 Att:22,128 Yoker Athletic 0-0 Tranent Juniors Tyncastle Park, Edinburgh


1932 Junior Cup Final        
21/05/1932 Glasgow Perthshire 2–1 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Firhill Park, Glasgow
Corrance, McVicar   Peter

McCulloch, Miller, Fulton, Corrance, Pollock, Taylor, Baggley, Fraser, McVicar, Allan, Hogg


Britton, Naylor, Ure, Knox, Lyon, McCaffer, Peter, McConnell, Dowdells, Breslin, Millar

Attendance:13,000       Referee:


1931 Junior Cup Final        
23/05/1931 Denny Hibs 1–0 Burnbank Athletic Tyncastle Park, Edinburgh

Tonner, Herd, Martin, Davidson, McLaughlin, Crossley, McKay, McDonagh, Wilson, Comrie, Archibald


Kenny, Boyle, Morrison, Bolling, Gibson, Wilson, Smith, Benzie, Hillan, Collins, Faulds

Attendance:10,000       Referee:

Burnbank Athletic protested. Match ordered to be replayed on 6 June. Denny Hibs took this through the courts and after a protracted action, the end result (almost a year later) was that they were awarded the cup.


1930 Junior Cup Final        
24/05/1930 Newtongrange Star 3–0  Hall Russell Tyncastle Park, Edinburgh
Allan (2), McAuley    

Currie, Letham, Todd, McPherson, Henderson, Marman, Thomson, Walker, McAuley, Allan, Barclay


Cummings, McKay, Baxter, Paterson, A. Smith, Sutherland, H. Smith, J. Stephen, W. Stephen, Ritchie, Soutar

Attendance:17,000       Referee:


A number of clubs did not compete in the Junior Cup between 1927/28 and 1930/31 seasons due to a dispute with SJFA and SFA over fees paid for Junior players moving to Senior football.

1929 Junior Cup Final        
08/06/1929 Dundee Violet 4–0 Denny Hibs Dens Park, Dundee
Wilson (2), Reilly (2)    

Malloy, Phin, Proctor, McAndrew, Barr, Robertson, Falconer, Thorn, Wilson, Reilly, Pryde


Maxwell, McAuley, Mackin, Kerr, McMullan, Crossley, McCormack, McKay, Young, Anderson, Regan

Attendance:9,559       Referee:
01/06/1929  Att:10,314 Dundee Violet 2-2 Denny Hibs Dens Park, Dundee
25/05/1929 Att:8,000 Dundee Violet 4–0 Denny Hibs Tyncastle Park, Edinburgh


1928 Junior Cup Final        
26/05/1928 Maryhill Hibernians 6–2 Burnbank Athletic Firhill Park, Glasgow
Gray (4 [2 pens]), Riley, Hay   Donnachie (2)

Nicoll, Miller, Campbell, Browhn, Ferguson, McNeill, Hay, Burke, Gray, Riley, McMeekin

Attendance:8,000       Referee:


1927 Junior Cup Final        
 21/05/1927 Rutherglen Glencairn 2–1 Cambuslang Rangers Hampden Park, Glasgow
Sim, Docherty (og)   Waugh

Lang, Fraser, Smith, Ferguson, Robb, G. Borland, Crozier, McMillan, Stevenson, H. Borland, Sim

  Tonner, Irwan, Guthrie, Docherty, Cunningham, McFarlane, Wilson, Connolly, Waugh, Wallace, McKay
Attendance:25,000       Referee:


1926 Junior Cup Final        
 25/05/1926 Strathclyde 2-0 Bridgeton Waverley Firhill Park, Glasgow
Haddow (2)    

Stevencon, Westwater, Reid, Semple, Fulton, McMurray, Waddell, Gray, Brunton, Haddow, McDonald


Moyes, Steel, T. Creighton, McHarg, Milne, Bolton, McGowan, Roberston, Mairs, Beattie, Hart

Attendance: 20,000       Referee:
 22/05/1926  Att:20,000 Strathclyde 1-1 Bridgeton Waverley Firhill Park, Glasgow


1925 Junior Cup Final        
06/06/1925 Saltcoats Victoria 2-1 St Anthony's Firhill Park, Glasgow
Brunton, Barr   Donnachie

McMinn, McGinn, Berryman, O'Donnell, Mathieson, W. McLellan, McKenzie, J. McLellan, Barr, Brunton, McDonald

  Mills, Shea, Bryers, McNeil, Gillon, Lochead, McDonald, Peelan, Donnachie, Gribben, Brown
Attendance:21,000       Referee:
30/05/1925  Att:12,000 Saltcoats Victoria 3-3 St Anthony's McKenna Park, Glasgow
23/05/1925  Att:18,000 Saltcoats Victoria 1-1 St Anthony's Firhill Park, Glasgow


1924 Junior Cup Final        
30/04/1924 Parkhead 3-1 Baillieston Juniors Firhill Park, Glasgow
Hart, Kennedy, Hannah   Wyper

McIntosh, Reilly, Girvan, Baxter, Hyslop, Stewart, Beattier, Morgan, Hart, Hannah, Kennedy (7 & 8 also listed as Morgan & McTavish)


Duncan, Clarkston, Brance, Walls, Millarkie, Purdon, McMurray, Liddell, Gibson, Wyper, Owen

Attendance:12,000       Referee:
26/04/1924  Att:12,000 Parkhead 1-1 Baillieston Juniors Firhill Park, Glasgow


1923 Junior Cup Final        
26/05/1923 Musselburgh Bruntonians 3-0 Arniston Rangers Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh
Waterston (2), Ralton    

Wilson, Morrison, Donaldson, Findlay, Christie, Hickey, Dalzell, McLean, Waterston, Ralton, McGregor


Kinghorn, Reid, McCue, Willis, Gordon, Lemans, Moble, Wright, Lennie, Alston, Walker

Attendance:20,000       Referee:


1922 Junior Cup Final        
03/06/1922 St Roch's 2-1 Kilwinning Rangers Firhill Park, Glasgow
McGrory, Rollo   McLean

Steel, Clark, Brodie, Mooney, Swan, Stafford, Milne, McGrory, Barton, Rollo, Harvey


McMinn, Thorn, Berryman, Douglas, Harvie, Morrison, McPhee, McNeil, MacLean, Palmer, Ferguson

Attendance:25,000       Referee:
20/05/1922 Att: 15,000 St Roch's 2-1 Kilwinning Rangers Firhill Park, Glasgow


1921 Junior Cup Final        
21/05/1921 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1-0 Ashfield Hampden Park, Glasgow

Bruce, Fergus, Scullion, Boyd, Stafford, Michie, Murdoch, Wiliamson, Robertson, Osborne, Connolly


Murphy, Cornock, Allan, J. Gibson, N. Gibson, Goodwin, Harvey, Ballantyne, Mitchell, Elliot, Devan

Attendance:20,000       Referee:

Burnbank Athletic protested. Match ordered to be replayed on 6 June. Denny Hibs took this through the courts and after a protracted action, the end result (almost a year later) was that they were awarded the cup.


1920 Junior Cup Final        
29/05/1920 Parkhead 2-0 Cambuslang Rangers Hampden Park, Glasgow
Manson, Dempster    

Walker, Smith, Cant, Murphy, Kirkwood, Beattie, Cringan, Manson, Lister, Dempster, Hosie


McKessock, Finaly, McDonald, McManus, Pollock, McGowan, Neil, Lawrie, Connolly, McCulloch, Williamson

Attendance:22,453       Referee:

Entry was one shilling with the stand being a shilling extra. Boys paid fivepence. It cost sevenpence extra for the reserved enclosure. Gate receipts were £842 from a “paying crowd” of 22453, with the overall crowd being around 25000.